SEO Text Optimization Tips

There is a saying in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that “Content is King”. This means that the visible content on the page is the most important factor in search engine rankings. We recommend focusing on one SEO target per page. Focusing on too many different phrases per page will dilute the effectiveness of the page, and the page will not rank highly for any of the target keyword phrases. The text on the page should match with the target of the META tags for maximum effectiveness. Text that is on the homepage is weighted more heavily than text on subpages. For the homepage we recommend pulling keywords from each of the subpages to make the home page contain the optimum level of keyword rich content.

Here are some other tips for optimizing text

1. We recommend that each page have 100 to 900 words.

2. Each page should have 1-5 target keyword phrases. These phrases should become keyword research that needs to performed to make sure the targeted phrases have a high number of searches. The target keyword phrase should be incorporated into the website’s visible text, headers, subheaders, image alt tags and META tags. 

3. Use optimized headers at the top of every page and optimized subheaders throughout the page. For instance, each page should have a header at the top of the page that contains the subject of the page. In the body copy try to incorporate subheads that describe the paragraphs of text.

4. Place your target keyword phrase close to the beginning of your page. Early appearance of your keyword shows its importance in the context of the entire page because it is mentioned at the very beginning. We recommend that keywords be placed in the first 25 words in the visible text of this page.

5. Your keyword should constitute at least 2 percent density on your page. The density is the percent that the keyword phrase is used within the text. You can test the keyword density once the page is live using the following tool: You can increase the density of the phrase by increasing your usage of the keyword phrase or by eliminating unnecessary text that does not contain the phrase.
Also consider the possibility of using different forms of your keywords. During the ranking process search engines consider not only direct matches of keywords, but also their various alterations. In addition, the modification of your keyword makes the content more user-friendly, so your page doesn’t look like a readability puzzle stuffed with one key phrase. The best approach for writing page copy is to write naturally and write what feels comfortable to you.

6. In #4 we explain the effectiveness of placing a keyword phrase at the beginning of you page. If possible, you can also include your target keyword phrase close to the end of your page. Your page will be more relevant if your keyword appears at the end and the beginning of the visible text. To do this, put your keyword in the last paragraph of your copy. We also recommend adding a call to action at the bottom of every page with a link to one of the conversion point form pages.