Building Your E-mail Subscriber List

The most successful Internet marketing gurus know that the secret is in the LIST. The list of subscribers they’ve built, an audience that WANTS to hear from them every month and eagerly reads the newsletters and other communications and frequently buy from what is offered.

While people hate spam, they also do sign up for information they WANT to receive.

Here are some tips for building your own targeted subscriber list:

  1. Ensure your content in your newsletter or other information sent via e-mail is of great value to your subscribers. This way they’ll recommend it to others and be less likely to unsubscribe.
  2. Make it easy for people to sign up for your newsletter on your web site. Have the signup section prominent on the main page.
  3. Include a link in your newsletter so that subscribers can recommend others. Offer something for free to help build your list quickly. The Alberta Turkey Producers Association started an e-mail recipe of the month club in October 2002. In 6 months, they had 25,000 Albertans sign up for the e-mail distribution list. They typically get about 3,000 responses to each recipe, many of which are inquiries on where to buy the cuts of turkey mentioned in the recipe. The Alberta Turkey Producers Association was successful in building so quickly was that they offered free recipes.
  4. Offer a sample of your newsletter on your web site so that people can see the quality of the resources you’ll be offering.
  5. Ask everyone you come in contact with if they would like to receive your newsletter.
  6. Every time someone e-mails, messages or phones me with a question, I ask them if they are receiving my newsletter. If not, I ask them if they’d like to.
  7. Connect with people through social media sites. Invite them to join your mailing list in your profile and each time you connect.

It is critical to your Internet marketing success that your organization has a subscriber building program in place and that every team member understands their role in building a profitable subscriber list.