Using Google, Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn we can create Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns for you. As the name suggests, you only pay when you receive clicks. This makes PPC a safe bet compared to other types of advertising. The best part about PPC is that it is very easy to track and easy to determine your Return On Investment (ROI). These campaigns are also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

SEM Search Engine Marketing Methodology

Our focus will be to meet your goals whether they be to simply drive traffic and increase visits or to increase conversions in the form of leads or sales. Typically we work to increase conversions, increase the conversion rate and decrease the cost per conversion. Our clients should expect that they will continue to see improved results as we add to campaigns and refine campaigns. PPC requires a lot of testing and fine tuning.

PPC on Google, Yahoo and Bing

With Google, Yahoo and Bing PPC search marketing campaigns you will be listed in the “sponsored links” section on searches for your targeted keywords. Yahoo and Bing are both managed through the Microsoft Adcenter. The price per click depends on the words selected, and the position that you would like to be placed at. Web Design Connecticut will research keywords that would yield the best return on investment and submit them for your review. Upon approval of the keywords, we will create PPC campaigns, set the geographic area that we want to target (known as the geo-target), set up conversion tracking, write relevant ads to be displayed in the search engine results, set the initial bids, budget, geo-target, ad schedule, etc. We can set limits on your daily or monthly expenditure so you don’t go over budget. We also help to select the best landing page for visitors and if the idea landing page does not exist, we can develop one for you.

PPC campaigns must be maintained in order to operate properly. Competitors are constantly changing their bids and so must we, but it is important not to just try to just be the top ad on the page. The decisions made in campaigns should be more about what will achieve the goals of the campaign. Bidding too much can in some cases increase the cost per individual conversion. On an ongoing basis, Web Design Connecticut will manage bid prices, write new ads to test, add keywords to test, subtract poor performing keywords from the campaigns, make landing page recommendations, change the geographic target, change the ad schedule and monitor the conversion process. At the end of each month you will receive a comprehensive report which details the amount spent, average position of ads, clicks received, conversions received, click through rate, conversion rate, etc. We will also provide our recommendations and explain our plan for improving the results moving forward.

Facebook PPC

Facebook PPC is similar to Google and Bing in that you do pay per click, and can set a geo-target, but you do not bid on keywords. You target people based upon their interests. You can also target based upon gender, age, education level, marital status, etc. The ads themselves are also a little different. They are text ads but also have a small image for each ad. Facebook ads also have social endorsements. A social endorsement is a sentence in an ad that includes information about the viewer’s friend(s) who have already engaged with the advertised Facebook Page, event, application, or directly with ad. The sentence appears in a format like “Lisa Thomas and 9 other friends like Company XYZ.” Just like offline friend recommendations, social endorsements make your ads more personally appealing and relevant, which can dramatically improve your ad’s performance.

LinkedIn PPC

LinkedIn PPC is also different from Google and Bing. You do not target based upon keyword phrases. Instead, you can target based upon criteria such as company name, company size, job function, industry, seniority, title, gender and geography. This is a great solution for B2B companies whose idea prospect is the Director of a Connecticut based IT firm with 50+ employees (for example).

PPC Timeline

Phase 1 – PPC Plan

  • Kickoff
  • Collect client target audience (geo-target, age, gender, etc), seed keyword phrases, GA access and goals
  • Keyword Research
  • Relevancy Ranking
  • Competitor Analysis (optional)
  • PPC Plan including:
    • List of Campaigns and their corresponding target keyword phrases
    • Estimated Clicks and Recommended Budget
    • Landing Page Recommendations
    • Sample Ads (or All Ad Text)
  • Client Approval

Phase 2 – Account Setup

  • Banner Ad Development (optional)
  • Setup of campaigns (keywords, managed placements, text ads, banner ads, negative keyword phrases, day parting, geo-target, etc)
  • Setup of Goal Tracking
    • Google Analytics Goal Tracking
    • Google Adwords Goal Tracking
  • Setup of Remarketing Code
  • Testing Landing Pages
  • Review and Approval
  • Launch

Phase 3 – Ongoing PPC Campaign Management

  • Ongoing management of budget, keywords, bids, ad text, geo-target, etc.
  • Recommendations for changes to banner ads and landing pages (optional to include these changes in the cost)
  • Weekly reports with account statistics and recommendations
  • Weekly internal meetings to discuss strategy
  • Monthly client “detail” report
  • Monthly client call to discuss the results and strategy moving forward

We have been managing PPC campaigns for clients large and small since 2002 and are certified by Google as Adwords Pros. Contact us for a free PPC estimate that will include a budget recommendation, estimated ad position and estimated monthly clicks.

Digital Media Buys

Online Media includes any image based advertising that appears on the internet (other then search engines). There are different types of online media campaigns including cost per impression (CPM), cost per click (CPC), and cost per acquisitions (CPA). There are also different types of ads that may be placed including static image ads (.gif, .jpg), flash ads (.swf), and rich media ads. Our service includes the planning of the online media campaign. We recommend a budget, the online media network to display the ads, the campaign type (CPC, CPA), the target demographic, etc. We create the ads, forecast the results and set up analytics with tagged urls on the ads to track the success of the campaign. Once the campaign begins we monitor the success of the campaign, and make changes to optimize the campaign to achieve the client’s goals. For most clients the goal is to increase conversions and decrease the cost per conversion. For other clients it is to simply increase visits, or to increase brand awareness. We optimize the campaigns by removing ad creative that is producing results that are below average for the campaign, and replacing them with new ads. We also change the landing pages, the placement of the ads, the sites which the ads is placed upon, etc.