E-commerce sites are one of our specialties at Web Design Connecticut. We have built many e-Commerce sites and have many happy and successful clients. Whether large or small, our e-Commerce solutions will fit the needs of your business.

e-Commerce Website Features

One of the best features of our e-Commerce website platform is that you control your own site through it’s admin interface. You can add an unlimited number of categories and products, edit product descriptions, edit prices, delete products, manage orders, manage your inventory, email customers with order information, collect product reviews, offer coupons, print invoices, print packing slips and much more.

e-Commerce Payment Modules

All sites are set up to accept the four major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover). Paypal and other payment modules are also available.

e-Commerce Shipping Calculators

Shipping prices are calculated in realtime using our UPS module which communicates the address where the product is being shipped from, where it is going and its weight to UPS to get a realtime quote. Your also welcome to add a handling fee and a tare weight for packaging. Other shipping calculators are also available including flat rate shipping, tiered shipping, and free shipping for orders above a set amount. It is also possible to disable certain shipping services based on geography.

e-Commerce Tax Calculation

Sales tax on taxable products is also automatically calculated and only charged to the appropriate customers. For example if your product is taxable, business is in Connecticut and the customer is in Connecticut, the website would charge that customer the current Connecticut state sales tax.

Other feature of our e-Commerce platform include custom profit and loss reports, sales reports, top customers reports, inventory reports, most popular products report, ability to export customer lists, import orders to quickbooks, location maps, special pricing for select groups, etc. Our e-Commerce sites also has the ability to export product information to Ebay and Craigslist.

Custom e-Commerce Website Site Design

Our e-Commerce platform allows us to design your site with 100% customization. You’re not tied to a set design like with many e-Commerce carts. Your site can also contain static pages, lik a an about us page, a testimonials page, privacy policy, etc. We can integrate Facebook like buttons and Twitter sharing buttons to give your products more exposure. Our e-Commerce platform is very Search Engine Friendly. The product page URLs contain the product name, and within the admin panel of the site we can specify META tags for each individual product.

Small Business: For smaller businesses, with few products and smaller budgets, we use PayPal. Installation takes less time, and the end website is a fully functional e-Commerce system. With PayPal you can accept credit card payments, download transaction history, receive interest on your account balances, and much more.