We have been designing and building 100% custom websites for Connecticut businesses since 2002. Web Design CT will help you find the best website solution whether it be a small five page site or a much larger database driven site with more complex functionality. Our team of web site design professionals build sites using HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, etc. and have solutions for businesses large and small. We also welcome redesigns and maintenance of existing sites. We also offer E-Commerce websites which allow you to create a space where customers can purchase your products 24/7, increasing your sales substantially online. Whatever your needs are, we will create a custom website, make it affordable, and deliver the final product on-time.

Custom Website Design CT

The most important step Web Design CT addresses in building your website is learning about you and your customers. Our pre-production analysis includes discussing who your target audience will be, what the message is you want to convey, and what goals you need to achieve through your online presence. Once we learn these important details, we create a mockup design for your new website. After your review and submission of edits we will implement any changes you desire until you are completely satisfied with the design. Our next step is to layout the site with your copy (your text) and images (photos, diagrams, etc). This is what custom web design is all about. We don’t utilize templates or duplicate layouts for anyone.

We also provide content development services if you need assistance with writing and photography for your site.

A little more about our approach

  • Step 1: Web Design Kickoff Meeting
    Meet with the client to talk about the new website’s design (color scheme, layout, etc), the client’s goals and to look at competitor sites.
  • Step 2: Website Mockup Design
    Finalization of the sitemap, development of a page scheme, layout and navigation scheme. This is delivered to the client in the form of a mockup so they can see what the site will look like. We then ask the client to give us any changes they may have to the design. Upon final approval we move forward to the next step in the design process.
  • Step 3: Website Buildout
    Editing and incorporation of photographs and images provided
    by the client. We build the site with SEO best practices and write META tags to acheive high search engine rankings.
  • Step 4: Final Website Edits
    In this last step, we make any final edits to the layout, text, images, etc. We set up hosting, any email addresses needed and register domain names. We program forms, set up Google Analytics tracking and Google Webmaster tools. We also check the website in Google Chrome, Firefox and IE7+ to ensure cross browser compatibility.
  • Step 5: Website Go Live
    When the site goes live we submit it to the search engines and train customers so they can edit their site. We provide FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access to files and access to the website’s control panel where they can set up email addresses as needed. We then provide technical support as needed.

Your website can also include

  • Stock Images
  • Site Search Functionality
  • Bookmarketing Buttons
  • Contact Forms
  • Facebook Likebox
  • Facebook Like Buttons
  • Twitter Feeds
  • Google +1 Buttons
  • WordPress Blogs
  • Google Maps

Other Services Include

Ongoing Marketing Services Include

Website Content Management Systems (CMS)

With Adobe Contribute we enable our clients to quickly and easily update their sites, without fear or compromising the integrity of the web site. Adobe Contribute provides full support for text and page layout editing and requires no technical expertise and is the easiest way to safely give clients the ability to update their own websites.

We also build websites on the WordPress CMS platform if a web based CMS is preferred. WordPress, which is free to customers, started as a blogging system, but has evolved to be used as full content management system and so much more through the many plugins, widgets, and themes. WordPress is easy to learn and simple to use. Utilizing WordPress as your CMS allows you to build in additional functionality for your site such as site search, rss feeds, content managed slider animations, etc. with ease and with little or no extra cost as much functionality is already built and waiting to be plugged in.

Website ReDesigns

Unhappy with the way your website looks? With the ever increasing growth in web design technologies, chances are if your site was designed over two years ago it needs a redesign. Refresh the interest in your website with an improved layout and by adding cutting edge features. Redesigning your website can also help your search engine rankings and conversion rates.

Website Maintenance

If your current method for updating your website is not working as quickly, as easy, or as inexpensively as you would like it to, then let us handle it. The Web Design CT team will turn around web site updates large and small in a very short amount of time. You will not be required to sign any maintenance contracts. We keep minor problems from building up over time by performing broken link checks, making sure all images are being displayed properly, and spell checking. We also make recommendations to help with results including improving search engine optimization, incorporating social media and adding or enhancing the presence of conversion points.

Website Content Development

Content is king when it comes to websites. A spectacular design will draw the viewer into your site, and great content will keep visitors on your site longer. Keeping them on your site for an extended period of time increases your engagement and increases lead conversion rates.. Our team of writers can create dynamic copy for any website or print collateral piece which will captivate your readers. We will also optimize your copy for the search engines by including keywords without sacrificing the vision or readability of your message.