Let’s face it, being first is better. SEO improves the visibility of a website in the search engines via natural search results. The higher your website appears on the page the more visits it will receive. We will show you what needs to be done to achieve high search engine rankings, to increase visits and to increase conversions from natural search. We can also pair your natural search engine optimization with a pay-per-click campaign to ensure that you will be found for all your top most important keyword phrases.

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Site Activity Analysis

Ever wonder what your visitors are clicking on and what links are most effective on your site? With Web Design CT you will receive comprehensive reports on your website’s activity, where your visitors came from, and if they came from a search engine and what search term (keyword phrase) they used. We can determine how many people are bouncing from your website without converting and where they are bouncing. With this information we can recommend strategies for you to consider that will help improve your site’s search rankings, bounce rates, conversion rates, etc.

Keyword Analysis

Using our keyword research tools we can build an all encompassing list of keyword phrases to target in the search engines. The list includes how many searches are performed each month and the amount of competition. It is best to target phrases with a high number of searches and a low level of competition. It is also important to ensure that the phrases that are targetted are relevant to your business.

Search Engine Ranking Analysis

Web Design CT will analyze where your website currently rank on the “Major Search Engines” for your most important keyword phrases.

Competitor Analysis

We do a competitor analysis to determine what “SEO” strategies are working for your competitors. Once we compile results and keyword analysis, we will be able to tailor a search engine optimization plan for your business.

Link Building Campaigns

Exploring the major directories like Google, Yahoo and DOMZ allows us to determine which category(s) best fit your company. After we determine your categories we submit your web site for review. Yahoo requires a payment of $299 for listing in their directory. You can choose to pay the fee and ensure that you will be listed, or just choose not to get listed. Our recommendation depends on the web site, and the business it represents. Next, we will make a list of the websites where a link to your site would make the most sense. This list typically consists of industry associations, industry related sites, and regionally specific sites (Connecticut Directories, Connecticut Chambers of Commerce, etc.). Then we draft a link request letter to go out under your name to the potential linkers requesting a link to your site. This form of link building is called link request.

The best way to build links is by adding useful resource content to your website known as Link Bait. This content should not be “sales” content. It should be purely resourceful so that webmasters will want to link to the content to help their visitors to be informed. This is the type of content you would find on Wikipedia and why Wikipedia is the most linked to site on the internet.

The content will continue to help to build links into perpetuity without additional effort. This type of link building is most likely to produce the quality links necessary to achieve high search engine rankings.

We recommend stating your link policy at the bottom of all resource article pages. Some online publishers will even allow other web sites to republish their articles as long as a link to their site remains intact along with a few sentences explaining the source. You may also offer functionality giving webmasters an easy way to “link to this page”. The added functionality would provide the webmaster with HTML code necessary to create the link.