With the growing popularity of Smart Phones & Tablets, having a mobile website is a very important aspect to your business. In today’s world sometimes we don’t have time to sit at our desktop computer to view websites. More and more web surfing is done on our mobile devices while sitting on a train or relaxing in our homes. Do you know what percentage of people are going to your site from a mobile device? We see upwards of 20% in many cases. If you have Google Analytics, we can check for you.

A standard website design is not optimized to properly function on a mobile device. It is very difficult to navigate a non-mobile site because the navigation is typically too small. Reading a non-mobile site requires a lot of zooming and scrolling. Flash will not work on iPads and iPhones. Due to these issues, the bounce rate of mobile visitors to non-mobile websites is typically very high.

With a mobile website you are giving your mobile viewers and customers a cleaner design which will function on a small screen. Larger buttons and less body copy make a mobile website a more enjoyable experience. Mobile detection scripts placed on your non-mobile site will redirect mobile visitors from your non-mobile site to your mobile site. Mobile websites can have short lead forms to capture leads and click to call buttons which can initiate a call without the need for the customer to dial the phone number. With these conversion points in place, your mobile site can have a conversion rate that is just as good or better then your non-mobile site.

Marketing for Your Mobile Website

QR Codes

QR codes (an abbreviation of Quick Response code) are a great way to drive traffic to your mobile site. QR Codes are two dimensional bar codes which can be scanned using smart phones. Once scanned, the QR codes can launch a website, initiate a Facebook Like, initiate an email, download a file or any number of other actions. Please scan the following QR codes to see how they launch a mobile site that we built for Medelco inc.



If your mobile phone has a camera but doesn’t have a QR code scanning app, you can download one by going to scanlife.com from your mobile phone. The app is free and easy to use. If you are thinking about using QR codes but are concerned that not everyone will have QR code scanners, you can simply print your mobile code website URL (m.medelcoinc.com for example) for visitors to type into the browser of their mobile phone. Using this as a backup to the QR code will ensure that everyone is able to get to your mobile site. QR codes are great for business cards, postcards, brochures, product packaging, posters, trade show booths, street signs and more. QR codes have been used in very creative ways such as scavenger hunts where the QR code must be found using clues, must be scanned to reveal clues to find the next QR code and at the end there is a prize. QR Codes are being used by big companies such as Target, UPS, The Home Depot, Ford, Disney, and Bloomingdales.

Mobile PPC Campaigns

Using Google Adwords and Microsoft Ad Center, Web Design Connecticut can launch mobile pay per click campaigns. The cost per click for searches performed on mobile devices is about half of the cost that it is for searches performed on computers. This low cost per click trickles down to a low cost per conversion. Mobile PPC campaigns are great for searches that have mobile intent. The time between click and conversion on a mobile device is much shorter then the time between click and conversion on a computer or laptop. Please contact us for more information or to launch a mobile PPC campaign.